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Consommation de sel

To properly disinfect your pool, you need to add the right amount of salt for the size of your pool and in accordance with the operating instructions of the electrochlorinator.

Calculating the weight of salt required for a pool

• Before starting treatment, you need to know the volume of your pool. Determine the average depth of your pool: maximum depth + minimum depth / 2

• With the addition of salt, pool water is salted at a rate of between 3 and 7 grams per litre depending on the type of electrochlorinator (see operating instructions).

Choose the shape of your pool and determine its volume

Coefficient 0.89 =

(ex: GL 8m x Gl 4m x P 1,5m x 0,89 = 42,72m3)

Determine the amount of salt

logo flèche de droite Enter the average consumption of your pool electrochlorinator:
(See the electrochlorinator operating instructions)

= ... Kg / or ... 25Kg bags