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neptune 2 in 1

The salt pellet with pre-dosed stabilizer

logo flèche de droite A unique patented formula
logo flèche de droite A double action pellet that cleans and protects the chlorine generated in the pool
logo flèche de droite A very high purity salt compliant with standard EN16401 - Quality A
logo flèche de droite Pre-dosed stabilizer incorporated

A 2 in 1 pellet for more effective and lasting treatment

The alliance between the salt and the stabilizer slows down the degradation of chlorine caused by UV rays. Neptune 2 in 1 pellets, with their integrated dose, simplify the treatment of your pool. This prevents you from using too much or too little stabilizer. 2 in 1 salt pellets also do way with the need to handle two separate products, including hazardous materials. Neptune 2 in 1 slows down chlorine degradation by UV rays. Without any stabilizer, the amount of residual chlorine in the pool falls to 0% of the chlorine produced after only 4h. With Neptune 2 in 1, which is pre-dosed with stabilizer, the amount of residual chlorine present after 9 hours is between 40% and 70% of the chlorine initially produced!

This time period means that your electrochlorinator does not need to run continuously, thereby extending its life time.
As Neptune 2 in 1 salt is high purity, it will ensure that your pool water is healthy and crystal clear.

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