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MAEVA fact sheet


Pure salt pellets specially for pools

logo flèche de droite Refined, very high purity salt compliant with standard EN16401 - Quality A
logo flèche de droite Salt pellets suitable for all types of pool
logo flèche de droite Sterilise your water without the smell of chlorine!

The salt that makes all the difference.

Maeva pellets are made from highly pure refined salt (99.9 % NaCl). Special care has been taken to remove all harmful substances such as iron, manganese and copper. MAEVA pool salt pellets contain no anti-caking agent. These may stop your electrochlorinator from working properly and damage your pool. Maeva is suitable for all types of pools and meets the requirements of a good salt for pools.

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The quality of salt is of prime importance for this type of treatment.

There may be certain substances such as manganese and iron which may create permanent brown stains on pool liners by precipitation. Anti-caking agents, generally used in salt, may also cause brown stains to appear.

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