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The triple action pool salt pellet to disinfect and easily maintain your pool water.

logo flèche de droite Suitable for all outdoor and indoor pools equipped with an electrochlorinator with
or without a sensor

logo flèche de droite SHigh purity salt (99.9 % Na Cl) compliant with standard EN16401 - Quality A
logo flèche de droite Contains a demineralizer for easier maintenance of your pool
logo flèche de droite Double action anticorrosive function to protect the metal parts of the pool

A complete product for your pool

Aquaswim UNIVERSEL provides the right salt dose for effective treatment of your pool water. The pool water is healthy, clear and has no unpleasant odour. Aquaswim Universel pellets have a demineralization function to facilitate pool maintenance and extend the life span of the cells. The demineralizer captures the calcium ions to prevent them forming scale deposits in the pool or on the cells of the electrolyzer. This makes maintenance and cleaning of the pool easier (between tiles, on the water line, etc.).

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A demineralization function for easy maintenance of your pool

Aquaswim Universel has an anticorrosion function that helps to protect the metal parts of the pool. The anti-corrosion agent has a dual effect, acting as a film-forming and sequestering agent. It increases equipment corrosion protection by up to 50%.

Salt-based pellets
compliant with the standard

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