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The pool salt pellet for multifunctional treatment, to get the most from your pool with no fuss.

logo flèche de droite A 4 in 1 formula patented by SALINS
logo flèche de droite Very high purity salt compliant with standard EN16401 - Quality A
logo flèche de droite Enjoy your swim without the smell of chlorine
logo flèche de droite A stabilizer to maximize the life time of your electrochlorinator
logo flèche de droite Demineralization action to facilitate maintenance
logo flèche de droite Anti-corrosion action to protect metal parts

Salt function for crystal clear water

Aquaswim Acti + provides the right salt dose and the right quality for effective treatment of your pool water:
- Salt with an NaCl content of 99.9 % and compliant with standard EN16401 - Quality A
- Free from manganese and iron (< 0.0001%)
- Untreated with an anti-caking agent (E535 or E536)

The electrochlorinator produces just the right amount of chlorine to destroy all algae and micro organisms brought into the pool by bathers. The pool water is healthy, clear and has no unpleasant odour.

A stabilizing / protection function to maximize the life time of your electrochlorinator

Aquaswim Acti + pellets contain just the right amount of stabilizer to protect the chlorine from the effects of the sun up to 3 times longer than conventional salt pellets. No need to perform the tricky operation of adding stabilizer that could be detrimental to the quality of your pool water if used in too great a quantity. As the chlorine is better protected, less strain is placed on your electrochlorinator . In this way, Aquaswim Acti + guarantees maximum durability for your appliance.

A demineralization function for easy maintenance of your pool

Pool water naturally contains calcium ions responsible for scale formation. This is deposited on the electrodes, parts to be sealed and pool liners (especially at the water line or on tile joints). Aquaswim Acti + contains a demineralizer that captures calcium ions to prevent them from forming deposits.

Aquaswim Acti + captures up to 95% of the calcium (*) in the water that causes scale. This makes your pool easier to maintain and clean.

An anticorrosion function that helps to protect the metal parts.

Pool water may be the seat of corrosion phenomena that cause damage to the metal equipment of pools. The oxides released in this way may be deposited on the linings (liners, polyester shells, etc.) causing permanent stains to form. AquaSwim Acti + increases equipment corrosion protection by up to 50%*.

You can find this item in 25 kg bags at retailers, pool builders and DIY stores.

* Tests performed in the laboratory

Salt-based pellets compliant with the standard

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